New Film: Spend Less Time Looking Down

What company wants you to spend less time with their product? 

The team at Travelier, a new discovery engine for the traveler, took the contrarian approach. They believe that you should spend less time in an app searching and more time experiencing life. That's why recommendations are tailored to each traveler - if you're into fly fishing, you're not going to be bombarded with alerts for the aquarium.

Our team was excited to partner with Travelier to craft a brand story for their launch. We were tasked with capturing their mission to help travelers live a rich life in a 120-second anthem film. Scenes from the film are used as key branding elements within the Travelier discovery engine, press kit, and messaging on social platforms.

Nine days of production, three weeks in post, featuring some of our favorite spots in East Tennessee - we're excited for you to see the film! 

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