20k Views in a Week, Half Organic

Yesterday, the Chattanooga Chamber launched a second PSA film for the ChattanoogaPerfect.com campaign. It's an economic development campaign that's designed to attract tech and manufacturing companies to relocated in Chattanooga.

To date there's been over 20,000 visits to the landing page, with 40% of the traffic coming from out of the region (a big success for Economic Development team), and it's almost half organic. There's also playful social elements like a kissing quiz and listicle.

Undo is the second film to feature "Mr. Perfect," an overconfident and unaware narrator, telling the story of a fictional business that's had unbelievable success after relocating to Chattanooga.  

Also, we're honored to announce that Travelier Anthem, a brand story that we filmed last Fall, won Best in Show at the local ADDY Awards and a Silver regionally. (Below are a few pictures of Chris and friends that commemorate the moment.)