Have a laugh on us, watch "MouthTime"

Pathfinder has partnered with our friends from the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce for over 5 years. And we were super excited when the Chamber's economic development team came to us in January with the brief for a series of slightly irreverent PSAs, designed to grab national attention for "what's really going on in Chattanooga."

See what's really happening in Chattanooga

Our creative team brainstormed with the Chamber developing the "Chattanooga, Literally Perfect" campaign. The campaign features "Mr. Perfect," an overconfident and unaware narrator, telling the story of a fictional business that's had unbelievable success after relocating to Chattanooga. We couldn't have done it without warm support from the business community - our friends at Whiteboard.is generously hosted us in their new office space for production of "MouthTime," the first PSA in the series.

Watch the Film

Literally Perfect is not that far from reality - see what's really happening in Chattanooga: chattanoogaperfect.com