Finding the Brand Essence

When developing creative for a video where do we go for inspiration? A while back we were asked to make a brand essence video. Here’s what inspired us while we were on the hunt for references!

AUDI - It Couldn’t Be Done

WHY WE LOVE IT: Audi does an amazing job showing its company history. With a fun little voice over nursery rhyme that tells the story, we see the evolution of the car company throughout the last century. It makes great use of archival footage to give an authentic feel. Even though it’s 90% archival, surprisingly, it feels fresh and current.

Siemens - Wind Project 60

WHY WE LOVE IT: Siemens chooses to highlight the people they serve and the people who work for them in this creative video. The video, filled with beautiful cinematography, has an equally beautiful transition with the video portraits of members in the community to the manufacturing staff.  Using wind to re-create Strauss’ Blue Danabue is also a unique way of bridging the service and the people it serves. It has a strong sense of place and community.

Honda - The Power of Dreams Failure: The Secret to Success

WHY WE LOVE IT: Although this is the longest video on our list, this video is definitely one of our favorites. Honda uses a visual symbol as an ongoing motif to demonstrate failure and success. This references Thomas Edison’s personal failures with inventing the lightbulb. It uses real stories from race car drivers, to engineers and designers, all sharing their failures. What’s more important, is that it clearly shows the company’s philosophy and mission to be a learning organization in practice.

Dodge - How to Change Cars Forever

WHY WE LOVE IT: Process is everything. This shows the behind the scenes process at Dodge. We are able to see how the idea became a product. With fast paced editing, fun visuals and a great VO, Dodge was created a fun video that shows the company’s innovation. There was also a lot of coffee, and what’s not to love about that?


All these videos were used as reference for a project we produced for Mueller Co. You can check out that video HERE!