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Live on the Navy's YouTube

The first 18 videos from our production with the Navy are live on the Navy's YouTube

This is your official invitation to rabbit-hole (not in the psychedelic experience way, but in the "get lost on the internet" way) on some of the coolest jobs in the Navy. 

Here are some of my favorite:

MU - Navy Musician

Navy Musicians are one of the main PR arms of the military, traveling around the world to represent the United States. And it felt like every person we talked to had at least a Master's degree. They were an amazingly warm and friendly community of musicians. 

AO - Navy Aviation Ordnanceman

Probably the coolest interview location that I've ever been in. We were on the front of the flight deck on an aircraft carrier, wind whipping, ship underway at sea, and helos were snatching payloads of ordnance and ammo in the background. I could barely hear myself shouting the questions to the AO during the interview. 

CS - Navy Culinary Specialist

Everybody has to eat, and these sailors do a great job of making food both tasty and look good. This is probably the most important job in the Navy for maintaining good morale among the sailors when they are at sea.

Again, here's the link to all 18 videos.