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Make Winter Summer Again

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"Hey there. Can we build a garden in a studio?"

January kicked off with a bang. When everyone else was cozied up enjoying the warmth of the Christmas holidays we were gearing up for a production with Cantu Beauty and Sasha Group. 

The project totaled 57 videos in three languages

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The production was for the global "My Curl. My Cantu." campaign, award-winning haircare for textured hair. Our scope included 57 video deliverables in three languages. Side-by-side with the video production, photographer Donald Page shot stills.    

Creative called for a color-pop studio environment for the instructional content, and a lush outdoor garden to film lifestyle sequences.


THE HITCH: It's the dead of winter in Atlanta. If you're looking for grey, rain, and wind-whipped brown twigs - we've got that in spades. Lush gardens? Not so much....

Enter Studio Midtown and Cinema Greens. We got two side-by-side studio spaces and built out a 24'x16' garden set complete with pergola and five different lighting looks.

Where did you guys find the garden?

Later that month in the edit suite: "Where did you guys find the garden?" Even our editor thought we had filmed outside.

Which proves that together we can: MAKE. WINTER. SUMMER. AGAIN!

The Trailer

The Making Of