Explainer videos help you start conversations & explain tricky concepts.

We'll guide you from idea to finished film in 5 weeks. 

Step 1. Identify goals, messaging, and tone.

Step 2. Write a script and develop the visual approach.  

Step 3. Voice, design, and animate your video.  

Motion Design Examples

The Market Maker, Explainer - Exio

Mad, Bad & Dangerous Trailer - Girls Preparatory School

What is Skuid? Explainer - Skuid

Health Insurance Explained - Simi Valley Hospital 

Why Video

Improve SEO. Search engines, like Google and Facebook, prioritize video in search results.

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Increase Conversion Rates. Using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%. (syndacast.com)

Connect with Influencers. 75% of business executives watch work-related videos at least weekly. (Forbes Insights)


Research & Learn

Step 2


Case Study: Event Videos

The Semiconductor Industry Association provides national leadership for group of highly competitive businesses. They needed a way to celebrate the 25 years of individual achievements while staying focused on their core values of unity, cooperation, and industry growth. Motion design was the ideal fit. It allowed us to tell a big story with dynamic visuals, all while keeping the costs reasonable.

Case Study: Explainer Videos

Green|Spaces helps businesses adopt environmentally friendly practices. They needed to create awareness for a new certification, called Green|Light. The certification is designed to help companies who are interested in LEED, but not able to participate, tweak their existing operations to save money and make them environmentally friendly. 

Who is Pathfinder Films?

We're a video content studio that helps busy marketing directors create beautiful and effective films.

Pathfinder’s team includes screenwriters, directors, producers, designers, animators, cinematographers, sound designers, editors and music composers — collectively we’ve worked on over 200 films. 

With video you can turn prospects into buyers and buyers into evangelists.

Lucky Ramsey
Executive Producer, Pathfinder

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