Let's get to know each other

Making a video can be scary. It’s a ton of work and it feels like a risk to work with a new team for the first time.

We all know the nail-biting feeling of having to check in with a video guy at 2am the night before a big launch not knowing what you’ll have to show the next day.

It’s our mission to make sure you never have those gut-wrenching feelings of doom about your videos. That’s why we’ve built a trusted team of experts that will help you build the video you’ve always dreamed about.

Who exactly is on this team? Funny you should ask: We have writers, directors, producers, designers, animators, cinematographers, sound designers, editors, composers. Every project is custom cast to so you have just the right mix of skills.


Leif Ramsey
Creative Director & CEO


Chris Stiles
Cinematographer & CTO


Lucky Ramsey
Executive Producer